ELSY reprezintă arhitectura inteligenta de tip E/E. Cu ELSY veți avea un vehicul dotat cu un sistem electric de încredere. Chiar daca va aparea o defectiune in sistem, aceasta poate fi cu ușurintă urmărita, atât prin computerul de bord sau printr-un laptop ce are instalată aplicația de service Thoreb. Daca vehiculul face parte dintr-un sistem de monitorizare in timp real Thoreb, rapoartele despre erori precum si diagnoza pot fi monitorizate in timp real.

When investing in ELSY you also get a powerful and user-friendly design tool. With graphical aids it is possible to create logical conditions for Thoreb ELSY units (such as nodes, displays and keypad controllers), communicating with each other via the elsyCAN, or ELSY communication protocol. Our nodes are available in three different sizes, with various numbers of inputs and outputs and can be combined to fit any vehicle. Since all nodes operate independently, as well as interact with each other, the system is less vulnerable to failure than master/slave systems.  

ELSY is easily integrated with other systems in the bus and can replace a number of interfaces by using a Thoreb vehicle computer and LCD screens. Setting the destination signs, controlling the on-board climate system, making safety checks before driving, etc. are only a few of the features available. You can also use the vehicle computer to automatically display images from rear view cameras when reversing. During normal operation the driver will be able to see the status of the passenger and luggage doors, the engine hatch and other warning messages.

With Thoreb's ELSY system you get a reliable and highly integrable electrical system for a safe and comfortable driving experience.