Custom Bus

Custom 02

Custom Bus (former Custom Coaches), is the second largest bus-body builder in Australia, building buses based on chassis from IVECO, as well as Scania and Volvo. They have been producing buses ever since 1955, and have a solid respectable reputation.


Reduced Weight - Reduced Fuel Consumption - Reduced Cost and Environmental Impact

Custom Bus constantly performs actions to minimize the weight of the bus and concurrently increase the quality. For example, with innovative design, the same strength may be achieved with reduced material by distributing it to the places with the greatest need. In addition, heavy material is replaced by lighter, whenever possible. The same, or even better safety can be gained at the same time.

Thoreb has been the supplier of ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, since the beginning of the 21th century. As part of ELSY, Custom Bus integrates Thoreb's dashboard panel (that can have up to 96 switches connected) into the dashboard. Custom Bus is also installing our video surveillance system. 


By installing Thoreb's systems, the end customer gets added values.