ELSY is Thoreb's intelligent E/E architecture system. With ELSY you will have a vehicle with a reliable electrical system. Should there nevertheless be a fault, it will be easily traced, either by using the vehicle computer display screen or a common laptop with Thoreb's on-board diagnostics applica­tion installed. If the vehicle is a part of Thoreb’s real-time system, error reports and diagnostics are also available online.

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Thoreb provides useful real-time information for traffic managers, passengers, drivers as well as service staff on intuitive graphical user inter­faces. In real-time vehicles constantly can report and trig­ger alarms based on all sorts of input values. Infor­mation can be provided in standard formats to third parties and processed as reports for different user groups.

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Thoreb's Communication Plat­form is like a human nervous system. It is designed to work as a router/gateway for the entire vehicle. It does not only forward information from the vehicle’s chassis CAN bus to other systems in the vehicle, it can also route information between different sub-systems, inside the vehicle as well as to external systems via 3G/4G.

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Thoreb has several solutions to improve the driver's compart­ment and to help the driver during the day, as well as to assist the driver serving the passengers. For the user inter­face, Thoreb offers a wide range of driver displays, suitable for different types of installation. Also, Thoreb has dash­board panels for up to 96 switches, possible to integrate with our ELSY.

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The Thoreb Eco Driving and Fuel Management System (EFMS) helps the driver mini­mise fuel consumption and maximise passenger comfort. With the Thoreb EFMS, it is possible to improve driver driving behaviour and reduce the fuel cost. The Thoreb EFMS registers when the driver uses the throttle too harshly and the comfort­able acceleration limit is exceeded. Besides registering the acceleration, the sideways acceleration is taken into account.

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Thoreb offers a flexible and powerful Infotainment system. It has high resolution colour displays, available in different dimensions and for different installation options, to show useful traffic information and commercials to passengers, based on the vehicle's block and location. The Infotainment system can be connected to the PA system, which also enables automatic audible announce­ments.

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Thoreb has a unique remote diagnos­tics system that gives complete access to the Voith transmission at any time. The Thoreb on-board unit recog­nizes if a transmission fault occurs and sends a text mes­sage or an e-mail to the operator, who instantly can see all the information related to the gearbox using a smart­phone/computer and a standard web browser.

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With Thoreb's eTicket on-board, validation of QR code tickets is easily made when boarding. It doesn't matter if the QR code is displayed within a ticketing app on a smart phone or tablet, or if it has been printed as a paper ticket. Just show it for the Thoreb QR code scanner. The status of the QR ticket is immediately indicated to the driver on the driver display. 

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Departure forecasts and infor­mation about cancelled jour­neys and stops can be displayed for travellers on bus stop displays. Forecasts are available for third party suppliers via the SIRI 1.0 XML protocol. Further­more, passengers can get can get the status of connecting lines on-board, as well as other useful information.

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Thoreb has several solutions that give remote vehicle diagnostics an entirely new meaning. Our customers get warnings and messages in real-time from the vehicle system as SMS, as well in applications on the Internet. Notifications about events of impor­tance are avai­lable 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

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Video 02

Increasingly people are discov­ering that on-board video surveillance is a good way to improve security in public transport, for both drivers and passengers. Our Video Surveil­lance System (VSS) is specially designed for public transport and can be integrated with the on-board vehicle computer, resulting in several benefits.

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With Thoreb's solution for traffic light priority at cross­ings, the buses and trams can automa­ti­cally get priority when appro­aching. Thereby, the traf­fic flow will be more even and delays can be avoided. No action is needed by the public transport driver and the system is easy to install and configure. It can be used with any traffic light controller unit with detector inputs. No dig­ging is needed when installing the system and it is easy to move, if needed.

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Thoreb's Automatic Passenger Counting system provides vital answers on questions like "How many passengers boarded and alighted at each and every stop?" and "How high is the pas­senger load at each jour­ney?". By using stereo 3D camera technology and state of the art image processing tech­nology, it is easy to count all boarding and alighting pass­engers. The accuracy amounts to amazing 98%, even under uncontrolled and difficult conditions.

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The Thoreb Follow-up Report­ing System is a browser based application used to select and study reports based on logged information from vehicles. A wide range of report templates are available, e.g. to keep track on punctuality, number of passengers, buses standing times, fuel consump­tion, speed­ing, driving distances, errors in the vehicle, etc.

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For all vehicles, the blind spot can become a serious problem. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger this hidden area will be. In the case of buses, the blind spot can hide pedestrians, cyclists or even entire cars. The Thoreb Bird View monitoring system provides a virtual 360° view of the vehicle’s surround­ings from a bird’s eye perspective. So blind spots become a thing of the past.

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Thoreb offers a number of Traffic Operation Control tools to facilitate the daily traffic management. You can super­vise the traffic in real-time, regard­ing vehicle position, punctuali­ty, etc. on a map and chart. Moreover you are able to communicate with the driver via text and voice, or handling assault alarm events. Further­more the Early Warning application presents CAN diag­nostics messages in real-time from the vehicles.

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