For all vehicles, the blind spot can become a serious problem. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger this hidden area will be. In the case of buses, the blind spot can hide pedestrians, cyclists or even entire cars. The Thoreb Bird View monitoring system provides a virtual 360° view of the vehicle’s surround­ings from a bird’s eye perspective. So blind spots become a thing of the past.

The technology assists drivers to park more easily, as well as survey the area around the vehicle. The system is an invaluable assistance when turning corners with crowded pavements, lane driving, or driving where it is very narrow. So the safety and convenience increases for drivers, pedestrians and other road users.


Driver benefits 

  • High-resolution images in real-time
  • Front and rear camera views
  • no more blind spots
  • Valuable overview of the situation all around the vehicle
  • Get the rear-view camera image when shifting to the reverse gear


 With Bird View, the driver will get rid of all blind spots.