Halland 02

Our customer Hallandstrafiken is a medium-sized public transport authority in south-west Sweden.


Project between Thoreb and Hallandstrafiken

The project with Hallandstrafiken was launched in 2000 and was expanded step-by-step to include the entire region of Halland in 2003, an area of approximately 150x50 km in size. The entire fleet has gradually been upgraded with Thoreb’s latest technology since 2010.

We have equipped 230 buses with our complete real-time information system. The communication between the vehicles and the central system is based on 3G. Moreover, about 40 signs at several bus stops provide real-time information about the arrival or delay of all buses heading towards each stop. Our real-time information is also available via the Internet application Journey Planner. Furthermore, passengers get information onboard the buses on LCD/TFT displays as well as via voice announcements. Our Traffic Management Application with a zoom-able GIS map shows statistics with automatic reports in PDF and Excel format and is integrable with the Rebus traffic planning- and scheduling system as well as with the Cubic ticketing system. Assault alarm from the vehicles is also installed. When the alarm is activated, both the traffic managers and a security company are alerted and can follow the bus' movements on a map. 


When talking to travellers in Halland, they express their satisfaction with the information provided onboard the bus and the possibility of planning their journey, both in the web application and smartphone apps.