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Our customer Tallinna Transpordiamet, as the public transport authority, is responsible for the development and organisation of the public transport in Estonia's capital Tallinn. One of the city's goals is making urban environment greener and healthier, which means to invest in the development of the public transport. In rush hours at working days 460 public transport vehicles (357 buses, 39 trams and 64 trolleybuses) driving 72 lines are in use. Over the year 2014, 151 million passengers were serviced in Tallinn's public transport and its vehicles counted 30.8 million kilometres.


Thoreb - Enhancing Tallinn's Public Transport

The project with Tallinna Transpordiamet was launched in 2007. 2010 the vehicles were upgraded to communicate via 3G (for transfer of data, voice and text messages). During 2012 we installed Thoreb’s latest technique in all vehicles together with a ticketing system. Besides, additional vehicles are gradually included in the system.

The vehicles are all equipped with our information system. They have a C74 vehicle computer, radio modem, 3G modem, internal and external displays, as well as amplifiers and speakers for audible announcements (for example the name of the next stop). Furthermore, the old ticket vending machines in the vehicles have been replaced by new ones and it’s now possible for the driver to administer and print single-use tickets from the vehicle computer user interface. The vehicle computer also provides the rest of the ticketing system with position, time and date. Additionally, the vehicles can get priority at a number of traffic lights which ensure an even traffic flow. In more than 180 vehicles, the driver can send and receive text messages and talk to the traffic management via Internet. The driver is able to activate an alarm signal if necessary. Moreover, the vehicles can be studied on our traffic monitoring application. By collecting information from the vehicles regarding driving times and schedule adherence, etc. the customer get useful information from our reports to improve their traffic service even more.

Several stops around Tallinn have displays provided by Thoreb, showing when the next bus/tram will arrive based on real-time information. The same information is also available on the Internet, where it for instance is possible to plan journeys.

All the new trams that were delivered during 2015 have all the functionality already mentioned. In addition, a new infotainment system was introduced. 


Thoreb supports Tallinna Transpordiamet in aiming at getting a public transport system that will attract even more travellers than there are today. A study made in 2008 came to the conclusion that the average speed during evening rush hour increased with 2 km/h. We also encourage the city's public transport to reduce emission and fuel costs, which leads to a healthier environment. Investments in new and more vehicles in Tallinn are planned as well as in new technology. Of course Thoreb will aim at staying in the project and to be a part in this exciting future that is on the horizon!