São Paulo

SaoPaulo 02


São Paulo, located in the south-eastern Brazil, is the thirteenth biggest city in the world and the metropolitan is the most populous and wealthiest area in Brazil. Due to severe traffic congestion, the São Paulo commuters spend one month a year in the traffic, in average. To improve the traffic situation, São Paulo has made major public transport investments, for examples in ten exclusive bus lanes, Corredores de ônibus (BRT). The bus corridors are separated from ordinary traffic, and have been built to prevent the buses from getting stuck in traffic jam, and to increase the safety. To minimize the stopping time, payment of fare and ticket validation is carried out at stations and terminals, instead of on-board the buses. At several locations the bus corridors are linked to the metro. Thereby a fast and efficient public transport system has been provided to travellers. All bus lines are operated by private companies under the management of São Paulo Transporte SA - SPTrans.



Following the São Paulo proverb, more than 30 customers have invested in Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY for their 5000 buses used in São Paulo. Besides using our nodes, a display with 15 keys is integrated in the dashboard. The display is used for vehicle health diagnostics. Also, the status for each node's in- and outputs can be studied. Settings can be made related to climate control, destination signs and lighting in the buses.


Buses with Thoreb equipment are running on the most modern and busiest BRT bus lines in São Paulo.