Brazil 02


During the years, Brazil has made major investments in improved public transport, in so called Bus Rapid Transit, for instance in connection with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Dedicated bus corridors separated from ordinary traffic, have been built to prevent the buses from getting stuck in traffic jam, and to increase the safety. The stations are built with the ground at the same level as the buses. To minimize the stopping time, payment of fare and ticket validation is carried out at stations and terminals, instead of on-board the buses. At several locations the bus corridors are linked to the metro. Thereby a fast and efficient public transport system has been provided to travellers.


Thoreb in Brazil

We started to supply our Thoreb equipment 2012 for the BRTs. Thoreb's intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY has been supplied in Brazil since 1998.

Marcopolo S.A. and Caio Induscar have built more than 150 BRT buses with Thoreb's intelligent electrical architecture ELSY with 3G communication. Moreover, we installed video surveillance for more security. A driver display as well as a rear view camera helps the bus driver within his daily work. We have also equipped the buses with external route and destination signs and passenger TFT displays for commercials, internal passenger information and digital television.


Thoreb introduced new and high technology never seen on the Brazilian public transport market before. Buses with Thoreb equipment are running on the most modern and frequented BRT bus lines in Rio de Janeiro. Ever since 1998 Thoreb has made the Brazilian public transport system more attractive and efficient, step by step.