Fribourg, Switzerland, has an impressive history and dates from as early as 1157. Its old city is one of the best maintained in Switzerland. Transports Publics Fribourgeois (TPF) is in charge of the urban public transport in the town of Fribourg, as well as most of the bus connections in the Canton and several railway lines. During the years Thoreb's information system has been installed in more than 70 buses.


Multilingual Support

In Thoreb's vehicle computer, the driver has the ability to switch between languages on the driver display. This feature has been developed with customer like TPF in mind, since there are two official languages in Fribourg, French and German.

All buses included in the project have Thoreb's vehicle computer installed, with 3G and GPS. Our Traffic Monitoring Application helps with analysing the traffic. Statistics with automatic reports in PDF and Excel format can be accessed. In addition, our real-time information system provides information to third parties on the VDV format.