SOE Bus Production



Scania’s subsidiary SOE Bus Production Oy (former Lahden Autokori) in Lahtis has been Thoreb’s customer since 2001, when they introduced ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, as their standard electrical system in the city bus SCALA.


Short Series - High Flexibility

The ambition is to produce ten buses each week in Lahtis, which in total will be 500 buses during 2015. All development of the bus model OmniExpress takes place in Lahtis, even though some of the buses are produced in Slupsk, Poland. All OmniExpress buses produced in Lahtis are designed with Thoreb’s intelligent electrical architecture, including a number of K30-nodes and our vehicle computer C74. Since the Lahtis factory is specialized in customer specific design, and short series, ELSY contributes in minimizing the cost, by providing extensive flexibility. For instance, the same harness and ELSY software can be used in buses with different accessories installed, by simply changing some node parameters.


By responsiveness, we always do our best to meet the customer's requirements, both in large and small.