Sydney Airport



Sydney Airport plays an important role in the Australian infrastructure. From the airport it's possible to reach 44 international, 22 domestic and 22 regional destinations (as of 31st Dec 2014). For the domestic travellers, the Blu Emu Car Park provides a 24 hour open budget parking, with shuttle buses to the domestic terminals. 


Bird View - increased safety to car park visitors

Thoreb's Bird View monitoring system was launched during the end of 2013, in twenty six shuttle buses driving between the domestic terminals and the Blu Emu Car Park, at Sydney Airport. In those buses, the system provides the driver with a virtual 360° view of the vehicle’s surroundings from a bird’s eye perspective. Furthermore, the driver can select to view the image from any of the four wide-angle cameras installed outside the bus. Thereby the technology assists drivers to park more easily, as well as survey the area around the vehicle, to make sure that no person, or car is dangerously close to the bus. The drivers have been very satisfied, and feel their job satisfaction has improved a lot since they started using Bird View. 

During 2015 another nine buses were equipped with Thoreb's Bird View monitoring system. In addition, all buses included in the system have Thoreb vehicle computers and video surveillance systems. Fifteen bus stops have information displays, showing when the next bus will arrive in real-time. The actual location of each bus can also be studied by different groups of the Sydney Airport staff on a map based Internet application.


Thoreb supports Sydney Airport in improving their customers' experience of the airport as well as the job satisfaction for their staff.