Helsinki 02

The customer Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) is the public transport authority in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. HRT is one of the largest public transport authorities in Finland with 1.1 million people in its area of influence.


Thoreb in the capital of Finland

The HELMI project was launched in 2001 and was expanded step-by-step to include the complete city centre in 2004. Since then, the system has been gradually upgraded and extended with Thoreb’s latest technology. Additional vehicles have continuously been added to the system.

Until 2015, we have equipped more than 600 buses and 130 trams with our real-time information system. Furthermore, we have installed about 1100 real-time information signs at stops which receive forecasts based on the information in the system. Thoreb’s patented traffic light priority system controls about 300 traffic lights. Additionally, our driver guidance with a zoom-able map together with other useful information supports the bus driver with the daily work. A WLAN depot system is used for automatic transfer of logged vehicle information. Our Traffic Management system includes the Traffic Management Application with a zoom-able GIS map, as well as web based statistics with reports in PDF and Excel format. Information to third party suppliers is possible to send via the SIRI protocol.


Helsinki City Transport estimates they use about one vehicle less per route since the project was launched, as a result of the Thoreb traffic light priority system that has been installed in 300 intersections in the city of Helsinki. This means more than 1.500.000 Euro in savings each year!