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Our customer Västmanlands Lokaltrafik is the public transport authority in the Swedish county Västmanland. With Västerås Lokaltrafik as a subsidiary, they are responsible for the public transport in Västerås, which is the fifth biggest city in Sweden with more than 110.000 citizens.


Thoreb in Västerås

The project with Västmanlands Lokaltrafik was launched in 2000. During the years it has been upgraded and extended to comprise the entire city of Västerås. During 2007, 2008 and 2013 our system was completed with traffic light priority, to optimise the public transport schedule adherence. During July 2014, equipment for additionally 15 buses was supplied, including passenger information displays.

In total we have equipped 140 buses with our complete real-time information system and a private radio communication network. Moreover, we have installed 20 monitors at several bus stops for travellers to get real-time information about the arrival or delay of a bus. Real-time information is also available via the Internet with our application Journey Planner. Additionally, our driver navigation and guidance with a zoom-able map supports the bus driver within his daily work. Furthermore, we installed our onboard passenger information displays including voice announcements and information. Thoreb’s patented Traffic Light Priority in a number of intersections ensures an even traffic flow and reduces the delays. About 30 buses have our Automatic Passenger Counting system installed. Furthermore, our Traffic Management Application provides an instant overview of the traffic situation on a zoom-able GIS map. Customer adapted reports shows statistics from the vehicles and the system is integrable with the traffic planning system Rebus. Some of the buses have Thoreb's intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY.